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All teeth have one or more roots that extend into the jawline and hold teeth in place. The roots branch out from a chamber inside each tooth that contains pulp, the tissue that keeps the tooth alive. When the pulp becomes infected, a root canal treatment is the most common way to address it.

Unfortunately, root canals are sometimes ineffective. The root can become re-infected, or the problem is more complicated due to a physiological issue or previous dental work done on the tooth. In these situations, a surgical procedure called an apioectomy may be required.

An apicoectomy is only done when a conventional root canal is not possible or has failed. It can help save a compromised tooth to avoid extraction and restore the health of the gums and bone around it.

An apicoectomy removes inflamed tissue by going through gum tissue to reach the root – rather than going through the tooth, as is done with a root canal. An incision is made to the gums so your doctor can access the root and assess its health. Then, the infected tissue and the tip of the root are then removed. After a thorough cleaning, the root is resealed to protect it from further infection and the site is sutured so healing can begin.

Apicoectomy Apicoectomy

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