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Study Club
Schedule & Speakers

Central Carolina Dental Continuum Study Club Events 2022-2023 Lecture Series

It’s an understatement to say these past few months have rocked our world. We’ve entered uncharted and dangerous waters, and we have to figure out how best to navigate safely through them to calmer seas and brighter days ahead.

To that end, Seattle Study Club has launched an innovative, full-academic-year program that offers guidance with practice recovery, financial stability, and enhanced clinical expertise. With sessions addressing your financial challenges, presentations that encourage you to set and track goals in your progress toward financial recovery, to insightful interviews and hands-on demonstrations, this is a perfect combination of knowledge and inspiration.

Recognizing that the world and the recommendations will continue to change, the program is designed for flexible, adaptable delivery — we can determine if a session will be in-person or virtual based on the situation at the time.

We still get to collaborate, learn together, and rely on each other for support.

Now more than ever the phrase that defines the core and essence of Seattle Study Club — doing dentistry together® — is a touchstone to remind us of who we are and why we are part of this amazing group of clinicians.

Best Regards,
Gary T. Jones, DMD

Dr. Gary Jones and Sarah Burrier
Marketing in the World of Dentistry
Dr. Martin Gollner
Never Imagined This Could Happen: A Trip Down South!
Dr. Ashleigh Briody
A New Approach to Oral Pathology: Extended
Drs. Rebecca Bockow and Drew Ferris
Conventional Ortho vs Aligners
Dr. Michael Scherer
Implant Overdentures: Diagnosis, Implant Positions and Execution
Ms. Geri Gottlieb
Team Appreciation Day! Dentistry Is a Team Sport
Dr. Gary Jones
Comprehensive Treatment Planning Workshop
Dentsply Sirona
Mr. Shawn Achor
The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance

Please note: Study Club events are only open to Central Carolina Dental Continuum members. To join the CCDC, register online or contact our Study Club Coordinator, Sarah Burrier, at [email protected].

Hygiene Study Club Schedule: 2022-2023

Ms. Susan S. Wingrove
Prevent, Protect, Preserve! Natural Teeth, Implants and Restorations
Ms. Catrice Opichka
Help Me I’m Drowning! Tackling Dental Hygiene Burnout
Ms. Katrina M. Sanders and Dr. Mia L. Geisinger
Putting the Why in Risky: Utilizing Risk Assessment to Deliver Precision Oral Healthcare

Please note: Study Club events are only open to Central Carolina Dental Continuum members. To join the CCDC, register online or contact our Study Club Coordinator, Sarah Burrier, at [email protected].

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